Trigger Point

What IS Trigger Point ?

A trigger point is mainly known as a knot (LINK) on the muscles. These knots are found on the muscles causing you to be uncomfortable and even feel pain. By applying pressure on these trigger points, knots will be reduced along with any pain accosted with them.

Top 5 benefits of trigger point

1) Improve Circulation

Blood flow can be restricted when muscles are tight. This causes headaches, dizziness and feeling fatigue. Reducing tight muscles will improve your energy levels along everyday movement.

2) Reduce Stress And Tension

Tight muscles can come from constant tension and stress. By applying pressure on these trigger point, tension is reduced leading to feeling less stress and more relaxed overall.

3) Improve Posture

Having tight muscles pull the body out of alignment. This leads up to having bad posture. Loosening up those tight muscles allow the body to its natural position. Improving your posture can also help you avoid any injuries.

4) Reduce Headaches

Your head and neck are one of thee most common areas for having stress and tight muscles. This leads to having painful headaches. Relieving tension in the are leads to reducing headaches.

5) Increase Energy Levels

When having tight muscles, the body carries more stress having to deal with discomfort. Trigger point allows those muscles to loosen up increasing the levels of energy.