What Is Reflexology ?

This is known as zone therapy (LINK). This type of massage involves applying pressure on your hands, feet, and ears. By applying pressure on these parts of the body, its not only beneficial to the muscles but also certain organs and systems of the body.

Top 5 Benefits Of Reflexology

1) Boost Your Immune System

This stimulates the lymphatic system (LINK). Also helps remove toxins and waste and fights infections with white blood cells. Getting a reflexology massage regularly can benefit certain conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome (LINK). rheumatoid arthritis (LINK), or lupus (LINK).

2) Improve Digestion

By stimulating specific relax points on the feet, you can improve digestion and gut health. These reflex points correspond to organs in the digestive system. This relaxes digestive muscles and improves blood circulation relieving you from digestive issues such as bloating (LINK) and constipation (LINK).

3) Headache Relief

Reflexology effectively relieves tension on the head. Focusing on relax point associated with the head, neck and shoulder can relieve any tension on the head.

4) Better Sleep

Improve your sleep by balancing the body’s sleep cycle. By stimulation reflex points linked to the nervous system (LINK) and endocrine glands (LINK), reflexology regulates hormones like melatonin (LINK) and cortisol (LINK).

5) Improve Focus And Mental Well-Being

Reduce stress and anxiety when you lower cortisol levels. This is done by applying pressure on reflex points connected to the adrenal gland (LINK) and hypothalamic-pitutary-adrenal axis (LINK).