Lomi Lomi Massage

What Is Lomi Lomi Massage ?

The word “lomi lomi” comes from Hawaii meaning “rub rub”. This is exactly what it sounds like. This style requires the use of hands and forearms to preform long, deep stokes on the muscles to promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Top 5 Benefits of Lomi lomi

1) Promotes Lymphatic Drainage

This helps please toxins from the body. Lymphatic drainage can also reduce swelling, have your skin glowing, and even break down stubborn fat (LINK).

2) Relese Tension

Overusing muscle can lead to tension, tightness and even pain. These long, deep stokes will remove all soreness from your muscles by separating and loosening muscle fibers.

3) Reduce Stress

This is great way to experience true relaxation. The style of lomi lomi massage is mainly to promote calmness, tranquility and peace.

4) Improve Blood Circulation

In order to have a healthy, functioning body, you must make sure you have a good blood circulation. Your organs needs as much oxygen and essential nutrients as possible.

5) Improve Your Mobility

The massage can also help to build up muscle, increase flexibility and motion, and stimulate the lymphatic drainage system.